Easy to use
Easy to use
3D-decals are easier to work with than interiors made using traditional technologies. There is no necessity for careful drying and painting (as opposed to resin parts), or for putting together multi-layer “sandwiches” (as opposed to colored photo-etched parts).
The relief and texture
The relief and texture
We produce aftermarket parts that have a large number of embossed details, such as recessed instrument dials, their raised outlines, instrument blocks, switches, buttons, signal lamps, levers and handles, driving details and so on.
We use polymerized vinyl as a medium for our products. Thus, 3D-Decals have enough strength and elasticity, so rather moderate care is required to handle them. Furthermore, vinyl has a long service life while retaining its properties all the way.
Color and gloss
Color and gloss<
In addition to the openwork relief, our products are also colorized. This is a print of the highest quality and physical resolution. Every instrument dial is already covered with a layer of transparent glossy polymer, providing it with a characteristic “glassy” look.
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Alexander Trofimov
Alexander Trofimov, Quinta Studio's head

Welcome to our store.

Come on, I'll tell you a little about us, who we are and where it all came from.

My name is Alexander Trofimov, I am the leader of this team, and I've been a scale modeller (guilty as charged, Your Honor!) throughout my entire conscious life. As it happens in life, often a hobby turns into a business.

Sometimes it’s a business of a lifetime.

We are a team of enthusiastic people, and we have figured out how to do some cool things that apperar to allow you, my dear colleague, to make your model brighter, better and more spectacular. In short, we aim to give the finished model something of a "wow" - effect. It also helps, at some stages of model assembly, to save your time (and nerves). Therefore, our aim is to help you focus on your most favourite side of creativity and, most importantly, we strive to allow you to enjoy your hobby more.

That's what I wish you from the bottom of my heart, which is irrevocably intoxicated with polystyrene poison.

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